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Journal of Korean Academy of Women's Health Nursing 1999;5(3):299-312.
The Depression in Middle-aed Women in Kwangwondo
Lee, K E , Choi, E S
1Department of Nursing, Medical College, Kwnadong University, Korea.
2College of Nursing. Catholic University, Korea.
The purpose of this study was to analyze the depression in middle-aged women. The subjects for this study were 246 middle-aged women in Kangwondo, the northeastern part of Korea. Data were collected from February 22 to April 24, 1999 by a structured questionnaire. The instruments for this study were CES-D (Radloff, 1977), somatic discomfort scale (Wittenborn, 1979), self-esteem scale (Rosenburg, 1971) and life satisfaction Index-Z (Wood et al. 1969). The data were analyzed by SAS/PC+ program using ANOVA, Pearson Correlation Coefficient. The results of the study were as follows : 1. Of 246 middle-aged women, 91 women (37%) revealed depression. The percentage of mild, moderate, severe depression were 17.78%, 11.28%, 7.72% respectively. 2. The statistically significant difference in the score of the depression according to the age (F=3.46, p=.0001)was obtained. 3. There were significant differences between depression and somatic discomfort (F=15.71, p=.0001). 4. The significant differences between depression and life satisfaction (F=23.89, p=.0001) was obtained. 5. The data shows the positive correlations between depression and somatic discomfort (r=.4856, p=.0001), between self-esteem and life-satisfaction(r=.2727, p=.0001), but we found negative correlations between depression and self-esteem(r=-4200, p=.0001), between depression and life-satisfaction(r=-.4409, p=.0001), between somatic discomfort and self-esteem(r=-.2275, p=.0015), between somatic discomfort and life-satisfaction(r=-2695, p=.0002).

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