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Journal of Korean Academy of Women's Health Nursing 1999;5(1):18-29.
The Effect of Breast-feeding Education on Method, Attitude, and Duration of Breast-feeding by Primipara
Ahn, S Y , Koh, H J
1Department of Nursing, Graduate School of Education, Keimyung University, Korea.
2College of Nursing, Keimyung University, Korea.
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of breast-feeding education on skills, attitude, and duration of breast-feeding among primipara mothers. The educational session was offered during the period of June through September at the T medical center in T city. One hundred thirteen primiparas were selected for this study, 61 who received breast-feeding education(lecture, demonstration, and additional telephone counselling) served as the experimental group and 52 who did not as the control. Data collection was done by self-reporting method. the reliability of the instrument was from .77 to .87. Duration of breast-feeding was classified into I through V according to the WHO classification at the time point of 4 weeks of postpartum. The results were as follows : 1. The score for the experimental group on the skills of breast-feeding techniques was significantly higher than those of the control(t=9.12, p=.000). 2. The score for the experimental group in the attitude toward breast-feeding was significantly higher than those of the control(t=6.12, p=.000). 3. Duration of breast-feeding for the experimental group was significantly longer than that of the control at the time of 4 weeks of postpartum(chi2=20.79, p=.001). In conclusion, the breast-feeding practice can be promoted effectively through the breast-feeding education.

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