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Journal of Korean Academy of Women's Health Nursing 1998;4(2):271-285.
The Lived Experience of Postpatal Women in Che-Ju island
Shin, H S , Lee, K H
1Department of Nursing, College of Medicine, Kyung Hee University, Korea.
2Department of Nursing, Halla College, Korea.
The purpose of this study is to explore and describe the experiences of postpatral woman, Korean postpatal care that Korean women experience afterbirth, to find the meaning of their lived experiences and to contribute to the base Korean maternal nursing. The method is to phenomenological through participant in depth interview. The subjects of this study were 8 women who are 1 week to less or over 100 days afterbirth. Their age rang from 22 to 33. All available data was collected from 26th of March 1988 to 10 of July 1998. A tape recorder was used with the permission of the subjects to prevent the loss of spoken information. The analysis of the data was made through Colaizzi's. The result of the study was as follow: There were eleven themes and 8 structures, Structure 1 : Acceptance to the traditional Sanhujori, Structure 2 : Powerlessness, Structure 3 : Disappointment and Being sorry, Structure 4 : Attachment as mother, Structure 5 : Anxiety on bring up, Structure 6 : Praying the well being of baby. Structure 7 : Negative body image 8 : Information seeking, Structure. In conclusion, nurses have to help Korean women afterbirth who are in difficulties physically, emotionally, socio-psychologically as direct caregivers and educators. As continually finding out the Korean postpartal care. Sanhujori, we can build the our original maternal nursing.

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