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Journal of Korean Academy of Women's Health Nursing 1998;4(2):245-257.
The Concept Analysis of Motherhood
Kim, Y H
1Department of Nursing, Hanyang University, Korea.
2Department of Nursing, Wonju Campus, Yonsei University, Korea.
The characteristics of health behavior related pregnancy and childbirth have reflected on the cultural belief and value in the society. The efforts for women's health promotion through the current illumination of the traditional health care are the prompting assignment to be in nursing. The process of motherhood already progress before the motherhood actually. The functional state as the expectant mother can be the important predicting factor of the postpartum state, the quality of a married life. Motherhood was analyzed by Walker and Avant's method to clarify the concept 'to be a mother' using the various concepts like Koreans' Taekyo, transition to motherhood, maternal identity, maternal role attainment, maternal fetal attachment, and maternal fetal interaction. Upon the concept analysis, naturalness, responsibility, attachment, readiness, controllability were identified as the defining characteristics of motherhood. The antecedents of motherhood were consist of maternal affection, positive self esteem, pregnancy acceptance, fetus recognition and the consequences of motherhood were consist of positive maternal identity, maternal fetal attachment, confidence about the maternal role, the healthy mother and the healthy baby. The empirical referents of motherhood were consists of recognition of motherhood, expectation about motherhood, fetal recognition with ultrasonography and fetal movement, experience of unification between mother and fetus, expression of affection to the fetus, concern about fetal health, concern and practice about Taekyo, adaptation behavior about physical change and discomfort due to pregnancy. Therefore it is necessary to develop the instruction program of motherhood including the defining attributes identified in this study.

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