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Journal of Korean Academy of Women's Health Nursing 1997;3(2):205-214.
Recent Trends in the Nursing Research on the Woman's Health
Kho, H J , Park, K M , Kim, H Y , Jeong, G H
1College of Nursing, Keimyung University, Korea.
2Department of Nursing. Hallym University, Korea.
For the purpose of improving the nursing research on the woman's health the nursing papers form Korea were analyzed by subject and content. This work was anticipated to suggest the direction of the research on the filed of woman's health. A total of 420 papers form journals, TaeHan KanHo, Journal of Academy of Nursing, and Journal of Korean Woman's Health Nursing Academic Society published from 1992 to 1996 were analyzed by Dubar and Patterson's criteria. The Number of papers on the woman's health was 66(15.7%), and those of mother's role and other clinical studies were 36(8.6%) and 318(75.7%) each. Special fields of the 66 papers on the woman's health and its number were health management 27(40.9%), psychiatric health 15(22.7%), postmenopausal period 5(7.6%), sex 5(7.6%), menstruation 4(6.1%), abortion 3(4.5%), nursing need 2(3.0%), violence 1(1.5%) respectively. Considering the subjects according to the life cycle, the subject on pregnant and middle aged period were more frequent than that on juvenile, peripartum, married or aged periods. According to above results, the proposals for promoting the nursing research were followings : Woman should be included as a subjects more frequently in general nursing research. The methodology for comparison study on the sex difference should be developed to understand the multifaced phenomena of woman's health. The factor analysis affecting the woman's health inadequately should be done.

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