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Journal of Korean Academy of Women's Health Nursing 1995;1(2):153-173.
A Survey on the Practice of Taekyo Among Childbearing Couples
Choi, Y S , Kim, H O
1College of Nursing, Yonsei University, Korea.
2Department of Nursing, Cho Dang University, Korea.
This study examined the antenatal care known as Taekyo. The sample consisted of 795 women and 564 men who had be seen in the antenatal care unit, delivery room, or postpartal care unit of general hospitals in Korea between March 20 and April 22, 1995. Data were collected using the "Taekyo questionnaire for childbearing women" and "Taekyo questionnaire for husbands of childbearing women" developed by researchers. Data were self-reported. Data were analyzed using the SPSS PC+ program, and descriptive statistics, T-test, ANOVA, Pearson correlation coefficient were applied. The results of this study were as follows : 1. Encouragement to practice Taekyo was at a relatively high level. Items on Taekyo encouraging behaviors had a mean score of 3.51(33 items 5 point scale). According to the five categories of Taekyo encouraging behaviors, subjects indicated they practice "food intake(mean score 4.02)". "praying(mean score 3.78)", "cumulative virtuous deeds (mean score 3.58)". "mind and body management(mean score 3.47)", "maternal fetal interaction(mean score 3.15)". 2. The childbearing women's practices related to forbidden behaviors by Taekyo were relatively high. Item on forbidden behaviors by Taekyo had a mean score 3.71(43 items 5 point scale). According to the five categories of forbidden behaviors by Taekyo, subjects indicated they practiced "voluntary abstention of drugs(mean score 4.78)," avoiding behaviors(mean score 4.78)," avoiding behaviors(mean score 3.77), "good behaviors(mean score 3.71)", "taboo on fetal death tendency (mean score 3.53)", "taboo on certain intake(mean score 3.47)". 3. The practice score of husbands for childbearing women which related to Taekyo behaviors were relatively high. Item on Taekyo behaviors had a mean score 3.59(33 items 5 point scale). According to the six categories of Taekyo behavior, subjects indicated they practiced "mind and body management(mean score 3.94)", "praying(mean score 3.80)", "support of women's practice related to Taekyo(mean score 3.66)", "good behaviors(mean score 3.58)", "continency(mean score 3.33)", "paternal fetal interaction (mean score 3.19)". 4. On the childbearing women's perception of Taekyo, most of the subjects(88%) had confidence in the positive effects of Taekyo on Child development. The result showed that the childbearing couples practiced Taekyo behavior relatively often and sincerely and most of the childbearing women had a positive perception of Taekyo's effect on prenatal child development.
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