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Journal of Korean Academy of Women's Health Nursing 1995;1(1):54-63.
A Comparative Study of the Stress Level between Military Wives and Civilian Wies
Park, Y S
Department of Nursing The Graduate School Yonsei University, Korea.
Housewife plays a significant role in maintaining a health family life. If she can not function adequately due to high stress, it will affect quality of life of the household members. It also interferes with the normal process of family development. Futhermore, dysfunctional family will have effects on morale of the servicemen in military. This is a descriptive study. The main purpose of this study is to compare the level and types of stress between a group of military wives and a group of civilian wives and provide a data which can be used to develop a stress management program. Sample consist with 250 military wives and 250 civilian wives residing in metro Seoul area. Data collection was done during October 4, 1994-November 30, 1994. Stress was measured with the instrument developed by the researcher. The cronbach's alpha score of the instrument was .91. The data was analyzed by using SPSS-PC. The results of this study are : 1. The stress score was 47.09 for military wives, 36.56 for civilian wives. The range of score was 0-192. The stress level of military wives was greater than civilian wives. (t=4.80, P<.000) 2. The rank order of stressors of military wives were 1) move 2) residential environment 3) purchase of house 4) holidays. The rank order of stressors of civilian wives were 1) husband late return after work 2) arguments with husband 3) holidays 4) husband's drinking problem. The result shows that the main stressors of military wives are frequent moves, residential environment, uncertainty of the future, unsafe work environment of husband, and the lack of private life which are all associated with the military. Therefore, it is urgently needed to distribute this facts through military journal to understand the characteristic of the stress of military wives, and to develope appropriate health care program to lessen the stress.

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